Tech Screen

Kind of funny that a tech company has a website that is broken, huh! Well we broke it and are fixing it to serve our customers better. Please come back when we knock a couple of heads and get this thing back!

Thanks for your understanding.

JMJTECHPRO LLC was formed to help businesses and residential customers to get the most out of the equipment and devices they own or are considering owning/utilizing.

Our commitment is to you!

Our customers are our life’s blood. Without their support we could not do our jobs.

We communicate daily with our customers via e-mail, fax, chat, messenger, and WhatsApp. The purpose? We want to keep the customer up-to-date on the project that we are working on.

We are flexible to work with your schedule.

No company can guarantee complete perfection. However, our team will come as close as humanly possible – You have my word!

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